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July 2011

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HAGS adds a new dimension to outdoor play

July 2011

Innovative sound device turns the ordinary swing into something extraordinary.

The swing set has been one of the most popular items  on a  playground for generations and it appeals to children of a all  ages as well as adults. This year, HAGS is introducing an innovative and cost effective add-on that will  bring the traditional swings that are already in use across the globe into the digital age, and by doing so  encourage children to spend more time playing outdoors.

Gade & Co forms new HAGS subsidiary in Denmark

July 2011

HAGS, a world leading provider of outdoor play and recreational equipment, extends its global subsidiary network with the acquisition of its Danish distributor Gade & Co A/S. Effective of June 1st 2011.
Jan Johansson, MD at HAGS head office in Aneby, Sweden, says:
– HAGS has recognised the excellent work that Niels Gade and his team at Gade & Co have done over the last 14 years. Acquiring Gade & Co and welcoming them to the global HAGS network of subsidiaries was a very natural step for us.

HAGS and playITsound joint venture to add new dimensions to outdoor play.

July 2011

Global play equipment meets modern technology.

HAGS, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of playground equipment, has entered into a joint venture with the Danish company playITsound. PlayITsound are a young Company who employ emerging technologies and unique ideas to connect the real world of physical activity and play with the electronic, digital and virtual interactive worlds.

CEO of PlayITSound Jonas Gam, says;