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Ship themed multi-play unit, Julianahoeve campsite, the Netherlands


This outstanding ship themed multi-play unit, installed in one of the biggest holiday camps in Holland, is the result of a close collaboration between HAGS design team and our long-term Dutch partner vrienDD. 

VrienDD’s customer wanted a boat shaped play structure to echo the coastal location and spark the enthusiasm of young visitors, who already have a number of entertainment options onsite. As the camp lies adjacent to the beach, the owner had a preference for timber, wood being a natural-looking material which blends in well with natural surroundings. By working with our designers to adapt an existing UniPlay design to the specificities of the site, they managed to create a structure tailored to the clients’ needs, whilst minimising the time and costs usually expected of such a large bespoke play area. 

The 120,000€ shipwreck inspired multi-play unit and quirky lighthouse slide feature plenty of challenging play activities, including several climbing frames and tucked-away corners where children can play and hang out with their friends. Edo says: “The playground is heavily used and the customer is really impressed with the quality and aesthetic of the timber. He considers it a great investment which will significantly boost the profile of the site.”  

Страна и город

The netherlands, Renesse

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51.7303, 3.75272

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