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UniMini indoor play areas for Migros restaurants


Migros Kooperativ is the largest retailer in Switzerland and runs supermarket chains as well as restaurants. They offer a number of entertainment options on site, including their "playland" for younger children. Their collaboration with our distributors Oeko-Handels started in 2007, when a project for an indoor play area for one of their Zurich restaurants convinced them of the safety and reliability of the UniMini system. As the group needed high quality play equipment complying with the European standards of EN 1176:2008, UniMini "playlands" were soon installed in other branches all over the country.

In 2011, Oeko-Handels built an indoor landmark play area in a shopping mall in Wintherthur called "Children's paradise" and used the flexibility of the UniPlay design to create a bespoke structure featuring a giant tubular slide connecting two floors. They also manage the inspection and maintenance of the 60 playlands. 

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